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Weight Management

A personalized program tailored according to your body.

Prescription Refill

Hassle-free prescription refill services wherever and whenever you are.

Opioid Addiction

A tailored approach to support you through debilitating addictions.

Male-pattern Baldness

Treatment strategies that help you gain back your confidence.

Chronic Diseases

Preventive and management strategies to prevent their onset and deterioration.

General Health

Comprehensive care to maintain good health and wellbeing.

Services may vary based on health plan or employer. Please set up your account to see the services available to you.

Whether you visit our primary care clinic or book a telemedicine appointment – we promise convenient care for all.


Our primary care services are easily accessible, affordable, and appropriate for all age groups and family members.


Our primary care providers are dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to your overall health and general wellbeing.

Primary Care
Clinic Services

At Saad, MD Medical clinic, we have a team of experienced physicians, nurse assistants, physician assistants, and nurses that look after our patients. Our professional team first gets to know their patients before creating a personalized treatment plan. Therefore, regardless of the diseases that millions of people suffer, our patients receive care that is thoroughly customized for them.

Professional Acute Care

Our experienced medical professionals have expertise that polishes their motor skills to make impeccable decisions to manage acute conditions. Our services include acute skin infections and gastrointestinal concerns such as stomach upset, GERD, and vomiting. Our acute care also includes but is not limited to acute febrile illnesses such as fever, malaria, and other conditions like asthma or ear pain.

Comprehensive Chronic Management

Our primary care services include the management of ongoing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, and COPD. Our experienced primary care specialists also deal with high cholesterol, essential tumors, and other diseases that require long-term treatment.

Preventive Approach

Our primary care providers prevent conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity through timely lifestyle changes and medical intervention. We also provide prophylactic strategies to prevent the onset of various STDs and their fatal consequences.

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Primary Care Benefits

Primary healthcare focuses on diverse aspects of good health and wellness. Our primary care services emphasize early intervention, prevention, diagnosis, and management of ongoing and long-term diseases. When you search for a primary care physician near me, you’ll be treated by our licensed, credentialed, and experienced medical providers.


Committed, Lifelong Care

Primary care goes a long way. It begins with birth and continues as long as a person lives. At our primary care clinic, you can pick a primary care specialist to the team up for lifelong care. Together, the two of you can maintain a healthier lifestyle and prevent various potential acute and chronic diseases.


Convenience at Your Doorstep

We believe in easy, practical, and accessible care and therefore, offer telemedicine services for your comfort. With our convenient online scheduling, you may talk to your primary care providers over an audio or video call. Our telemedicine services make no compromise on delivering quality healthcare wherever you are, whenever you want.


Comprehensive Primary Healthcare

Our primary care specialists focus on a comprehensive approach to maintaining your quality of life. Our all-inclusive services include prevention, screening, diagnosis, and subsequent treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses. The experienced medical team at Saad, MD Medical clinic strives to see our patients get on a healthier track.

What people say about us

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“I absolutely love Dr Ali and his staff. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a new physician.”

Jen Halaas


“He's the best Dr. in the area and all around nice guy... highly recommend him. 👍🏼”

Red Neck


“Went for covid test, quick, easy and very professional.”

Donald Willis


Primary care is the initial, routine healthcare that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute and chronic diseases.

The easiest way to find a primary care doctor is to search for a primary care physician near me or book a virtual appointment at a primary care clinic.

Primary care services include the prevention of potential diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer. It also includes the diagnosis, treatment, and management of both acute and chronic illnesses.

Primary care physicians are the first point of contact that manages the patient’s health throughout their lifetime.

Saad, MD Medical clinic is where you can get treated by experienced medical professionals that deal with various kinds of diseases and disorders.